Tribute to my teachers...


William (Wim) Borsboom said...

An excellent drawing and text.... succinct!
Can I use it in one of my blogs?
I came to your drawing via your blog entry on "Hanuman the Immortal"
I just returned to Canada from a two months visit to India. There is a village "Rajnagar" (very close to Khajuraho M.P.) that lies at the foot of a hill on which there is a temple devoted to Hanuman. I had a most extreme space/time transcending experience there - yes IMMORTALITY - in which Hanuman, Jesus, Moses Elijah (the prophet) and John (the apostle) figured.
You are quite a perceptive person, so I would not mind if you would phone or email me:
1 250 479 0001 (Canada)

Also check out my website:
(It is about what I am doing in India)
Hope to communicate with you soon!

William (Wim)

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