Trishna Prerna : Thirst of Inspiration

People often hide their ideas and works because they are afraid of what others might think; this need to be changed.

The current education systems throughout the world is wrong, the kids loose their originality, creativity , humanity and curiosity by the time they finish their education . . Look at small children they are the most creative.. ask them to paint they will paint.. ask them to sing they will.. name anything; they will try what they can do about it...that's what creativity is...

The problem with the current education systems are they teach our kids to compare themselves with other kids; so eventually they loose their ability to try something because they are afraid of being wrong..

My idea is to teach them in such a way that they are encouraged to work on their own, teachers must be facilitators, not tutors; let the students try things and let them learn by doing... it can foster the creativity and freethinking capability..

Remember; once Edison said - I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.

everything under this blog is called Imperfectionism..

"be Imperfect,to be Original"